The Project

I'm working on this project by myself at the moment. I may use 'us' sometimes hoping to get some help soon.
With that being said, welcome! This is mainly a place to tell you about the servers and how data is handled.
You can also check out the guide on how to set up your own DNS servers or join me on Discord!
For information on the servers have a look at the server info site.
My goal with this is to provide secure, reliable, open and honest DNS-Services to everyone who likes it.
As part of this you can find all kinds of information regarding servers, location, logging, etc. on this site.
If you are missing things let me know, please! I try to constantly improve things.
Now let's get to the interesting part...

What is DNS?

The Wikipedia article describes it as "a hierarchical and distributed naming system for computers, services, and other resources".
What does it mean though? Why distributed? What services/computers? How is it hierarchical?
Still working on it...


OpenNIC is an alternative DNS-Root system, as an alternative to the commonly used ICANN-Root. We are supporting the effort of the OpenNIC Project to bring diversity and anonymity to the DNS world!
Note: Our resolvers are set up to use the ICANN Root because of recent problems with DNSSEC using the OpenNIC Root.
Apart from that, our servers resolve all OpenNIC domains and are listed as Tier-2 Servers on the OpenNIC server list.


Our servers run the BOINC-Client! Whenever there is less to do for our servers, we support research around the world by running the client when resources are available.

BOINC stats